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Hi, I’m Jack. I’m a stylist at Purdy&Power in Cranbrook. I’ve been here for two and a half years and today I will be showing you one of my favourite things which is the round-brush blow dry and how to create it at home.

So what we’re going to do is we’ve prepared the hair by shampooing and conditioning, towel drying, adding products, rough drying and now we’re ready to blow dry. 

Three key products to used when you’re doing round-brush blow drying: an oil, something that’s going to make it sleek and shiny, a heat protector and something that’s going to something that’s going to give you lift at the roots. So I’ve applied all these to the towel dried hair, and now we’re ready to go in with the blow dryer.

So what I’m doing is sectioning the hair. I’m just taking the top section about an each side of her parting, and we’re going to blow dry through this to give it height. Then what I’m doing, I just twisted my brush around, you’re taking a zig-zag section at the back of the hair. This way, as you’re blow drying through it you won’t leave a harsh line in the middle.

You may not be able to recreate this style quite like I’m doing at home (that’s why you pay us!), but it is great to be able to learn some tips and do it at home just to recreate the style that we can give you in the salon.

So take one section, between an inch and an inch and a half wide depending on the size of the brush that you use and the thickness of the hair.

For Sam’s hair it’s quite thick and we’re using quite a wide brush. So we’re going to take about an inch and a half.

It’s important when you’re doing this blow drying you use lots of tension to pull out any frizz and curl from the hair.

Pull the section upwards to get lift at the root.

Use the cool setting on your hair dryer once the hair is dry and wrapped about the brush.

So now I’m going to do this all the way up Sam’s head. So now that I’ve done the back and the sides of the blow dry, and we always leave the fringe in the top for last because obviously it sits on the rest of it.

So what I’m going to do is blow dry the fringe forward and then all of this hair on top backwards to achieve optimal height, and then obviously once it’s all blow dried, we’ll dress it out like you would a set.

Just lift the fringe up and smooth it around the brush so you can get a little bit of height, just so that it still sits smoothly.

And after you blow dry the crown area, in sections about an inch thick bring the sections forward as slow as you can and put the hair underneath as well and that’s what supports the volume that you’re putting in the hair. . 

Really make sure the ends are smoothed around the brush, and when it’s dry use the cold shot again just to make sure that it’s really set. OK, and that is my blow dry complete, so we’ve got some body, some bounce, some flip, and you can really wear it with anything, going out, casual.

You finish it as you want to. You can back comb to put some weight into the crown if you need extra and hair spray it, use serum.

Just finish it depending on what you’re going for.

So there we go!

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