Watch this video as Sara Purdy of Purdy and Power shows you how to achieve a great hair up.

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Hi, I’m Sara. I’m part owner of Purdy and Power in Cranbrook. We’ve had the salon for nearly 9 years now. I’ve been hairdressing for over 20 years. I’m a Master Colourist with Wella. And one of the main things I enjoy is doing hair up which I’m going to show you today.

OK, my model Sam has freshly shampooed and blow-dried hair. So it’s nice and clean. So I’m just going to spray some hairspray through there. It’s just going to make it easier for me to work with for the hair up. And then I’m going to put some back combing in the hair because my main aim is to get lots of height. I want it to be a nice glamourous up do so I’m just back combing all of Sam’s hair. This is giving us lots of volume in the hair.

The back combing gives the grips something to grip on to for the hair up and then you don’t have to worry about it falling out. It’s going to stay like it all day. So that’s the whole of Sam’s head being back combed. It doesn’t look very glamourous at the moment. (:)) So after back combing, I’m just going to give it another spray with some hairspray and then just some shine spray. We now just want to use the edge of a bristle brush, just smoothing over all the back combing. We’re not brushing it too flat obviously to brush out what we’ve just done. We just want to smooth over the top layer of hair.

And holding the hair, get your first pin and place it not in the centre, just slightly off centre. Then with your next pin, we want to cross it over and so on up the hair, still keeping the hair nice and smooth, follow on one pin up and one pin across. Continue doing this right up to the crown. When you get to the crown, place your last pin back on itself facing down. Now we want to bring all this hair back on itself which will create the pleat.

So now I’m just going to create the pleat by sweeping and tucking up the hair. This time, I’m not opening the pins. Just pushing them in literally we’ve just combed the hair back on itself and twisted it up, just pushing the pins in to create the pleat. So now we’ve got the pleat shape on top. It just comes to dressing out the top, so depending on how big or how tidy or messy you want it, we want to get lots of height on Sam’s head. So I’m going to spin around. So we’re literally just smoothing over the top back combing a nice even shape.

I always ask the client when I’m nearly finished if it feels comfortable and if there are no pins digging in because it otherwise can give them a headache or irritate. Now I’m just putting on some shine spray so we’re just finishing up. Everybody likes shiny hair. And finally some hairspray just to hold it in place. We’re done.

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