5 Minute Beauty Tips from your favourite hairdressers in Cranbrook

No time to visit your hairdresser and beauty salon in Cranbrook?  Are you like the rest of us?  Constantly in a rush, with no time to take care of your own needs?

Well, if you follow these simple tips, you’ll be the master (or mistress) of multi-tasking.

Like so many other things in life, the answer is to keep things simple: make an impact with a lipstick in a striking shade, an eye shadow in an outstanding colour, a highlighter that offers subtle shimmer. These quick and simple makeup tricks involve little effort but pay off with “wow!” results.

Be Prepared By Knowing Your Routine

Have all your skin-care items organised conveniently where you can find them (maybe not buried deep in your handbag!)  Get organised with your skincare regime as well, doing what you can to exfoliate and prepare your skin before you go to bed if you have an early start.

Multi-Purpose Creams and Lotions Can Save You Time

During the day, use a moisturiser which includes a high SPF sunscreen to take care of your skin.  It is surprising how much skin damage can happen even on a dull winter day, so do this all the year round to protect that very English glow.  In fact, you can even use this cream at night as well.

Also use a lip balm with sunscreen included.  And apply it to your elbows and heels to keep them soft and supple, too.

When it comes to exfoliation, simply use a gentle water-soluble cleanser and face cloth.  That is all the scrubbing that your skin needs.

Good quality toners can remove the last traces of makeup from your face, while giving your skin much-needed antioxidants and barrier repair ingredients.

Spend as much as you can afford on your moisturiser and don’t forget to use it on your chest and neck, as well as your face.

Apply the same exfoliant to your elbows and chest as you use on your face. It’ll make those areas look smooth and younger.

Don’t Wipe Off Your Makeup

First, use a gentle water-soluble cleanser on your face with a soft face cloth. If there is any leftover makeup,  use a small amount of makeup remover to remove it. This will save you time and protect your skin from the irritant action of the makeup remover. 

Do Only What Is Essential

Match the products that you use to your skin type.  We can give you advice on this at our Cranbrook hairdressers and beauty salon. 

Of Course, Products Do Matter!

…and we can advise on what is best for you.  We stock a wide range of skin and hair products for your convenience at our Cranbrook salon.

Down to the Basics


To look awake and rested after a late night follow these great ideas from Clarins, check out the full article at 5 minute beauty tips.

Whether it’s due to last-minute studying, a baby that keeps you up all night or a fantastic night out, any lady who hasn’t slept enough sees a dull, tired complexion in the mirror in place of a radiant glow!

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