Healthy Hair Care Tips from your hairdresser in Cranbrook.

At Purdy and Power, your hairdresser and beauty salon in Cranbrook, we care about your hair and can help you to maintain it in luscious condition.

Much like a lion’s mane, our hair is a token of our prowess, ladies. There’s hardly a gentleman out there who doesn’t admire luscious locks, and there’s hardly a woman who doesn’t wish her tresses were just a bit more alluring, at least for aesthetic reasons, if nothing else. The hair is like an aura that frames the face and emphasises whichever features we like best. Its health and splendour are telltale signs of how rosy-cheeked we’re on the inside, as well, not just on the outside.

Trim the tresses

It should come as no surprise that a regular trim is the most effective way to keep your hair even and radiant. A simple trim every six to eight weeks can do wonders for the hair. It gives it a new lease of life every time. Of course, don’t rest on your laurels just because you have a good hairstylist who tends to your locks faithfully. You still need to condition the ends every other day to make sure they don’t dry out.  Let a stylist from Purdy and Power advise on how to get the best cut for you.

Caress the curls

Washing and drying your curly hair can be a nightmare, especially if you’re using new hair products, which may or may not be flattering for the curls. Whenever you need to freshen up and you don’t have the time to tend to your springy ringlets, pull out your dry shampoo and spritz it sparingly on the hair, running your fingers through it from the scalp to the tips to spread it evenly. To keep the curls nice and springy, add a few squirts of ‘salt spray’, but make sure it’s not the type that dries your hair out.

Hair dryer havoc

If there’s one thing hair dryer inventors got wrong, it must be that pesky hottest setting. Not only does it make the hair smell like a barbecue, it also burns through it. As tempted as you may be to press that ‘Hot’ button when you’re in a hurry, try to resist the urge. It’s especially harmful if you couple it with straighteners or curlers. For best results, opt for the warm setting, keep the hair dryer about 8 inches from the hair and point it down to avoid frizz.

Volume va-va-voom

If you happen to be one of those lucky ladies with straight or wavy hair, you’ll most likely appreciate a bit of volume on a night out. A simple trick is to sprinkle a bit of volumizing spray on the hair, to flip it over and to blow-dry it. Smooth it out with a soft brush, apply some more spray if need be, then tilt it back and enjoy a bodacious new hairdo.

Frizz feuds

Frizz is due to one thing and one thing only: water, in its various forms, enters the hair follicle and makes the hair lose its shape and change its structure. The fight against frizz can only be won in one way. After you’ve finished conditioning your hair, you must always rinse it with cold water, to seal the cuticle and prevent water from penetrating it. To make your hair more manageable and to shield it from damage while styling, use an anti-frizz serum coupled with a good heat protectant.

Ban the breakage

Whoever may have the privilege of combing your hair when wet, be it you, your better half, or your hairstylist, make sure that there’s no excessive combing or brushing going on. Your hair is at its weakest when wet, so less is more when it comes to straightening out the threads at high humidity levels. If it can wait, then comb it when it’s dry. Your hair will thank you for it.

Ditch the bristles

Perhaps the easiest step we can take in beautifying our hair is to get rid of any artificial brushes. Of course, we don’t come across camel hair brushes very often, but there are plenty of first-rate, flexible and soft brushes inspired by those natural ones our ancestors used. The softer and more natural they feel, the less damage they will do to your hair. Considering we use a brush every day, this is perhaps the single, most effective and most affordable solution to making those threads glisten.

Turn the page

It’s all you can do sometimes to stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and fast food, especially if you like to spend your evenings out. It’s also all your hair can do to keep those lavish locks looking their best when you expose it to all those toxins. So, make a commitment to your hair that you’ll look after its best interests from now on, and you should be able to see the results in a few days or weeks. Dull, dry hair is out, and lush, luxurious hair is in, just you wait and see.

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