What is a Master Colour Expert?

Wella Professionals Master Colour Expert Programme is one of the highest colour accolades in the hair colour industry, and is now the most highly-qualified experts on hair colour in the UK. The programme is a prestigious colour training qualification, hairdressers train for over 18months to the highest level possible, only completing when passing a number of exams at the end of the course. This excels basic training by teaching the chemistry behind hair colour, the impact that light has on colour and how to truly listen to our client giving the best consultation. All of this knowledge is essential for achieving beautiful consistent and quality hair colour every time.

When you’re looking to colour your hair the last thing you want is a colour that will wash out, fade or worse, look nothing like you wanted. Despite a plethora of at-home hair dye kits on the market, there really is no substitute for a quality, professional salon colour. At Purdy & Power we up that game by having two Master Colourists Sara & Alanis Power, they are professionally trained to assess and colour your hair to the exact specifications you require. Being educated by the award winning Wella Professionals team and having the pleasure of meeting other high end stylists.

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