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11 03, 2015

Healthy Hair Care Tips from your hairdresser in Cranbrook.

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Healthy Hair Care Tips from your hairdresser in Cranbrook. At Purdy and Power, your hairdresser and beauty salon in Cranbrook, we care about your hair and can help you to maintain it in luscious condition. Much like a lion’s mane, our hair is a token of our prowess, ladies. There’s hardly a gentleman out there who doesn’t admire luscious locks, and there’s hardly a woman who doesn’t wish her tresses were just a bit more alluring, at least for aesthetic reasons, if nothing else. The hair is like an aura that frames the face and emphasises whichever features we like [...]

3 02, 2015

How To Get The Best Shape For Your Brows.

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Brows are one of the biggest things happening in beauty right now. There are so many ways to improve the look of your eyebrows that, for many of us, it can be a bit confusing at first, especially when trying to work out which type of treatment will be best. Purdy and Power, the beauty salon in Cranbrook, can help you to decide what the best approach is and advise you on how to look your best. Ideally, you will want to achieve the best shape for your eyebrows without sacrificing their natural appearance. It’s very easy to get it [...]

27 11, 2014

Winter Hair Care Tips from your Hairdresser in Cranbrook.

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Here at Purdy and Power we love the winter season. Crisp mornings on lazy weekends, wrapped up warm; fabulous parties full of festive cheer, dressed to impress. But we have to admit, the weather at this time of year can play havoc on our usual beauty routines – particularly for our hair and skin. We all know that our skin needs to be properly moisturised in order to offset the damage of central heating, or cold temperatures, or generally going between indoors and outdoors in an effort to stay warm! But a winter hair care routine is just as [...]

1 07, 2014

Hairdressers Cranbrook | photo gallery for Purdy and Power

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The best hairdressers in Cranbrook! We've added a few new pics of our salon in the beautiful town of Cranbrook in Kent.  We'll be adding more to our gallery in the coming weeks.  If you want one of your images included, do let us know.

18 06, 2014

Hairdressers in Cranbrook – 5 Reasons why Purdy and Power is the Best

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In our opinion, Purdy and Power leads other hairdressers in Cranbrook in terms of service, quality of products and customer relations. In this short guide, we will explore the five reasons why we feel Purdy and Power is the best hairdresser in Cranbrook. Purdy and Power hairdressers Cranbrook - the ideal location Purdy and Power is a unisex saloon located in the High Street right in the centre of the town centre. Those who plan to visit Purdy and Power do not have to worry about parking as there are a number of car parks within walking distance. Purdy and [...]