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11 03, 2015

Healthy Hair Care Tips from your hairdresser in Cranbrook.

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Healthy Hair Care Tips from your hairdresser in Cranbrook. At Purdy and Power, your hairdresser and beauty salon in Cranbrook, we care about your hair and can help you to maintain it in luscious condition. Much like a lion’s mane, our hair is a token of our prowess, ladies. There’s hardly a gentleman out there who doesn’t admire luscious locks, and there’s hardly a woman who doesn’t wish her tresses were just a bit more alluring, at least for aesthetic reasons, if nothing else. The hair is like an aura that frames the face and emphasises whichever features we like [...]

4 08, 2014

Blowdry Your Hair Like A Pro

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Watch this video as Jack shows you how to create the perfect blowdry. YouTube URL: Full text of recording: Hi, I'm Jack. I'm a stylist at Purdy&Power in Cranbrook. I've been here for two and a half years and today I will be showing you one of my favourite things which is the round-brush blow dry and how to create it at home. So what we're going to do is we've prepared the hair by shampooing and conditioning, towel drying, adding products, rough drying and now we're ready to blow dry.  Three key products to used when you're doing round-brush blow [...]