Most brides dream of their special day for years, so it’s important to get things right. Choosing the right wedding hair is an important part of the process. It is, therefore, essential you’ve hired the right stylist, such as Purdy and Power, hairdressers in Cranbrook. This gives you peace of mind that when your big day arrives, you can count on looking fabulous. To ensure you’re ready, there are some important tips to follow.

Plan and organise your look

Though your wedding hair can’t actually be styled until the day, a lot of planning can be done in advance. Along with your dress and make-up, you should work with hairdressers in Cranbrook to ensure your style, and that of your bridesmaids and even your mum, compliment one another. In addition, by choosing your hairstyle first, you can find the veil that’ll most suit it.

Be bold with your ideas

Your wedding day is the one time you can really splash out, so don’t fall into the trap of compromising your dream because of your current style. Hair pieces and extensions mean that adding length or volume is easy, and you can completely change your look with the help of hairdressers Cranbrook, such as Purdy and Power. Having a few run-throughs is important so everyone involved is comfortable with what they’re doing, and it allows you to know your hair will look amazing.

Hair care is vital

In the run up to your wedding day, it’s crucial that you have a dedicated hair care regime. It can take six months to rectify poor hair conditioning, so start early. By using the right moisturisers and products, your hair will be in the perfect state for styling. If you normally colour your hair, have your roots concealed a fortnight before the big day. In addition, leave at least 24hours between washing your hair and your wedding day as this gives it time to settle.

Test products and have hairdressers by your side

It’s a good idea to test products in advance to ensure you’re not allergic. The last thing you want is a hairspray or styling gel to bring out a bad rash. Finally, if you haven’t done so already, invite your stylist to your wedding. By inviting them along, they’re on hand to keep you looking great.  We love weddings!

So, have fun, enjoy your day and have Purdy and Power, hairdressers Cranbrook, by your side.


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