Here at Purdy and Power we love the winter season. Crisp mornings on lazy weekends, wrapped up warm; fabulous parties full of festive cheer, dressed to impress. But we have to admit, the weather at this time of year can play havoc on our usual beauty routines – particularly for our hair and skin.

We all know that our skin needs to be properly moisturised in order to offset the damage of central heating, or cold temperatures, or generally going between indoors and outdoors in an effort to stay warm! But a winter hair care routine is just as important, particularly if you are too busy planning for the holidays to visit your hairdressers in Cranbrook.

It’s all about the base.

Central heating is a must for most of us in the winter, but it can dry out the skin and scalp. Add to that the fact that a dry scalp produces less natural oil, which can allow the static to build up in your hair, and it’s obvious that good looking winter hair requires a little bit of extra care. To combat static, it is vital to keep your hair as moisturised as your skin. Comb a small amount of vitamin E or olive oil through the roots of your hair as part of your routine before going to bed, and don’t skimp on the conditioner. If your hair is more susceptible to static build up, use a natural bristle brush as it helps to evenly distribute the natural oils and conducts less static than man-made materials. If you really want to make sure that your hair is properly prepared, Purdy and Power,  hairdressers in Cranbrook have a range of treatments that will do just the trick.

Keep a lid on it.

Did you know that we can lose almost 30 per-cent of our body heat through our heads? The lower the temperature, the more heat you lose, with more lost the more active you are. So walking to work, running errands or just walking out to the bins and back can make a huge difference to your body temperature. Not only that but, when you move rapidly between hot and cold temperatures (such as walking in and out of the high street shops) your hair and scalp will suffer from the repeated changes. Although a big woolly hat may seem just the ticket, try wearing a thick cotton one instead and take it off as soon as you’re inside. It will be much less likely to conduct static and, unlike acrylic, it won’t make your head sweat and give you that winter horror: hat hair…

What not to do.

Too much shampooing can strip the moisture form your hair and scalp even in the warmest temperatures, so take the weather into consideration and only use shampoo every other day. As we said before, don’t skimp on the conditioner, so a rinse followed by a conditioning treatment is ideal for keeping winter hair in perfect condition. Regularly blow-drying your hair always runs the risk of stripping your hair’s natural fluidity, but in the winter the moisture-stripping action can be even more likely to break and damage the strands. Try and let your hair dry as much as possible before styling with heat – or book an appointment with hairdresser Cranbrook for a professional blow dry.

The best way to maintain luscious locks between trips to your hairdressers in Cranbrook is to use products that are chosen specifically for your hair type. And as the trick to effective winter hair care is to make it easy, ask during your next visit for advice about the best products for you, stocked by Purdy and Power,  hairdresser Cranbrook. 

Ultimately, the best way to keep your hair in tip-top condition is to indulge in regular salon treatments so make sure to book an appointment at your hairdressers in Cranbrook, Purdy and Power on

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